28 de febrero de 2024

Aquí podéis disfrutar de la entrevista en versión original en inglés a Emma.J.

1. ¿At what age started your playmobil hobby?
I was 33.

2. ¿What Playmobil means for you?
Playmobil is fun! For such a simple toy I just love all the little accessories that goes with it. It’s always changing with great new sets that make it exciting to open up the newest box and set everything up.

Staircase in Houghton Hall. Fuente: blog de Emma.J
Staircase in Houghton Hall. Courtesy of Emma.J

3. ¿What do you find in Playmobil that you cannot obtain from other toys or dollhouses?
I love the detail and flexibility of Playmobil. I have built 1:12th scale dolls houses and for me Playmobil is so much quicker and easier to build with. I have so many ideas I’d like to do that Playmobil gives me the chance to just sit and try new things. I don’t have to spend months trying to building things and not knowing if it will work. I can just have a go.

4. ¿What your family says about you and your love for playmobil?
We are all collectors in my family and we all paint and decorate models, my father is a wargamer and my mother makes scenery, so they just smile at my newest items and make suggestions here and there. I can only do as much as I do with their support and patience – especially when the house is filled with partially completed projects! Playmobil is taking over.

5. Have you thought sometimes of leaving this toy world?
Only for a minute if things go wrong or when I’ve got to much to do…. seriously, I think I might give it up if I run out of ideas and get bored. Even then I’d keep a few pieces.

6. What is your favourite creation?, why?
It’s hard to pick just one thing so I’d say the staircase in Houghton Hall. It was my first attempt at a different type of stairs and it came out so well with the dome above, bright and elegant looking. I was really pleased with that. A close second was the Snow Queens Palace.

Snow Queen Palace. Emma.J blog
Snow Queens Palace. Courtesy of Emma.J

7. Do you think you can be located in a special playmobil collector type?
Yes I would say I’m more a builder than a collector.

8. ¿What was your first playmobil? At what age? Do you keep it?
I think I had some when I was very small about 3 or 4. I can’t remember what it was I can only recall the footplates, so I must have had some as a child. No I haven’t got anything from then.

9. Where do you keep you most precious figures?
They are in a glass cabinet in the hallway upstairs.

10. This can be a surprising question if the answer is different to which we all think so, what is your preferred playmobil series?
Another hard question… Pirates – I’d love to have a full set of ships.

11. Which new series do you think Playmobil must create next?
Oriental, Japanese Houses and figures.

12. Any special comment, advice or thought to your wide number of fans and followers in Spain?
Thank you for following my work, I hope I’ve given you all some good ideas and never be afraid of trying something new.

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